Bobcat Fire Holiday Ornament/Keepsake

The Bobcat Fire had a huge impact on our community when its fires moved through our beloved Canyon and Hillside. Many in Monrovia have been wondering what was lost, what was saved, and how long it will be until we can all enjoy our beautiful Canyon again. As updates and restoration work are provided by the city and canyon staff, we will continue to share updates on our own blog and social media platforms which you can find here:

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While Canyon Park is now closed indefinitely, recovery is around the corner as we join together to actively support our community, open spaces, and programs.

In that spirit, this year we are offering keepsake ornaments that were handcrafted in Monrovia with wood from Canyon Park that burned during the 2020 Bobcat Fire that remind us of the beauty of Canyon Park and the resiliency of our community. Proceeds from this Inaugural ornament/keepsake support the Monrovia Parks, Wilderness, and Recreation Foundation, Inc and our mission to support Monrovia’s parks, recreation, programs, and open spaces like Canyon Park. Please follow this link to bring home your own piece of the Canyon and support our work. (Details on purchase and delivery are included in the link) If you have any questions, please email us at

We are so thankful to our board members who arranged creating this keepsake and city staff who coordinated collecting the wood safely from the Canyon. Special thanks to Nancy Matthews and Scott Iler of for making these keepsakes a reality!

Bobcat Fire Holiday Ornament/Keepsake

We are so excited to get these keepsakes out to our community and thankful for all of your support. If you share a picture of your ornament/keepsake please tag us on social media with the hashtag #MonroviaPWR. Thank you neighbors!

For more information contact:
Giangelo R. Leos
MPWR Board Member