Help support our beloved parks and recreation programs in Monrovia

Monrovia, CA, November 25, 2020—- We are pleased to announce the formation of the Monrovia Parks, Wilderness and Recreation Foundation (MPWR). Because of the great need and recent events, the Monrovia Parks, Wilderness, and Recreation Foundation (formerly Monrovia Wilderness Preserve Foundation, Inc.), a 501(c3) independent foundation established in 2000, is revising and expanding its mission. The new mission is to support recreation and community programs, parks, facilities and open spaces in Monrovia.

“Following the recent Bobcat Fire, we now know more than ever how spending time outdoors and in nature can be empowering (MPWRing),” said Edward Belden, MPWR Board Member. “We are all mourning the loss of some of our beloved natural spaces and access to Canyon Park and the hillsides above Monrovia. We have an opportunity, as we have in the past, to rise from the ashes and support all of the important parks and open spaces in Monrovia by ensuring we have the resources, facilities and programs for the community to be MPWRed to thrive and come back stronger. Our new focus and energy will help us bring our natural resources back.”

We are asking the public for their support. You can help by expressing your interest to join the Foundation or donate to support our Mission. Your donations will go to support Canyon Park, the Hillside Wilderness Preserve, park improvements outlined in the adopted Monrovia Parks Master Plan, recreation programs and facilities or other community programs. To learn more or to give a tax-deductible donation, visit


For more information contact
Julie Bank
MPWR Board Member
(760) 908-8058